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Are you searching for the best waste management NGO in India? Karo Sambhav Foundation is one of the top players. The non-profit organisation envisions addressing critical waste management issues at scale. Think about it – waste is constantly on the rise, affecting the environment and human health. KSF organises collection drives and awareness sessions to expand awareness around waste management, especially circular economy, among the masses. Also, it is not unknown that recycling waste is mostly handled by the informal sector under unsafe and unhygienic conditions. NGOs like KSF provides employment opportunities to economically marginalised communities to work and contribute towards a zero-waste planet. In addition to providing the informal sector livelihoods, the organisation sets up the right infrastructure and collection centres to channelise waste.

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Karo Sambhav Foundation is the best waste management NGO on the playing field. The organisation addresses the rising issues of plastic waste by setting up robust infrastructures and collection centres to channelise the disposal of single-use plastics, works around capacity building, and hosts awareness drives to make all familiar with the adversities of plastic waste.

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