Setup your Remote control for TV- Formuler Z11 Pro BT1 Edition

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Setup your Remote control for TV- Formuler Z11 Pro BT1 Edition

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Enjoy media and games on your TV with the Formuler Z11 Pro BT1 Edition 4K Android TV Media Streamer. This device runs on Android 11 and uses advanced technology to enhance your streaming experience. As part of the Z11 Pro Series, it offers an easy-to-use interface and supports popular apps. With ample storage and a full-featured remote, this powerful Android TV receiver sets a new standard for performance.Featuring MYTVOnline3, it provides an excellent solution for all your streaming needs, delivering a great media viewing experience. 1.What is BT1 Remote? The BT1 Remote is designed to improve the TV and media viewing experience. It enhances device control options with universal infrared programmability for TV control and software programmable keys. The remote is lightweight, weighing 140 grams without batteries, making it well-gripped and easy to hold. 2.How to use BT1 Remote Control in our TV? To use the remote control with your TV, follow these steps: • Enter Learning Mode: - Press and hold the TV button on the Formuler remote for 5 seconds. - The LED will change from blinking to solid, indicating the remote is in Learning Mode. • Select Button to Program - Press the button on the Formuler remote that you want to program. - The LED will start blinking slowly, indicating the button is ready for programming. • Transfer Function from TV Remote: - Aim the heads of both remotes toward each other, keeping the distance less than 3 cm. - Press the corresponding button on the TV remote that you want to transfer. - If the programming is successful, the Formuler remote’s LED will blink three times. • Repeat for Additional Buttons: - Repeat steps 1-3 to program other keys as needed. • Exit Learning Mode: - Press any other button on the Formuler remote to exit Learning Mode. - The LED will turn off. 3.What are the programming for Formuler z11 Pro BT1 Edition To program the TV remote to the Setoff Box, activate pairing mode on the Formuler remote by simultaneously pressing and holding the "OK" and "Menu" buttons (the button with three vertical lines). This action triggers the Bluetooth device to enter discovery mode. Once in discovery mode, navigate to the Home screen on your Formuler device, access Settings, and select Remotes & Accessories. The device will automatically search for available devices to pair with. Once detected, choose the desired device from the list to complete the pairing process. In conclusion, the Formuler Z11 Pro BT1 Edition offers an unparalleled entertainment experience with its advanced features and user-friendly interface.Additionally, with the option to pair the TV remote to the Setoff Box, you can further streamline your entertainment setup. To explore and purchase these innovative products, visit today. Upgrade your TV viewing experience with Formuler!

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