Buy LoRa Temperature & Humidity sensor at Best Price

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Buy LoRa Temperature & Humidity sensor at Best Price

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The LoRa Temperature and Humidity Sensor is designed based on the advanced LoRa modulation and powered by a lithium battery with a 5-year operation time. It offers a cost-effective LoRaWAN end device for a variety of applications. Its IP65 enclosure and long operation time offer the benefit of low maintenance cost. Therefore, it is ideal for outdoor use. The sensor operation mode can be adjusted via LoRa network. Lansitec sensor family is fully compatible and plug-and-play for LoRaWAN network operation. It can also work with the Lansitec wireless data transfer unit for the low-cost deployment. For Sale: LoRa Temperature & Humidity Sensor, Unmatched precision, Best price guaranteed, Enhance your monitoring capabilities.

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Lansitec provides LPWAN/LoRa end devices, a tracker, sensors, and a dashboard. Everything we do is to increase tracking accuracy, prolong the battery life, reduce the size, expedite your time to market and cut the TCO to fit into your solution.

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