CargoGuard Pro: Navigate shipping's future with precise container tracking

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CargoGuard Pro: Navigate shipping's future with precise container tracking

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Use CargoGuard Pro, an innovative container tracker that guarantees real-time accuracy for safe shipment, to protect your goods on their voyage. Delivered peace of mind. The Container Tracker is a device that integrates GNSS (GPS, Beidou, Glonass), Bluetooth, and LoRa technology for accurate outdoor and indoor positioning of assets. It has an IP68 enclosure that provides protection against water and dust ingress. It has a large battery capacity that can support up to 180,000 Bluetooth tracking messages over 30,000 GPS coordinates. It supports tracking up to 100 Bluetooth beacons and also supports UUID changes to avoid interference from other devices. For More:

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Lansitec provides LPWAN/LoRa end devices, a tracker, sensors, and a dashboard. Everything we do is to increase tracking accuracy, prolong the battery life, reduce the size, expedite your time to market and cut the TCO to fit into your solution.

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