Stair Lift Provider in Dubai | Curved Stair Lift In Dubai

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Stair Lift Provider in Dubai | Curved Stair Lift In Dubai

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A stair lift is a type of mechanical device that is designed to carry individuals up and down a flight of stairs. It is typically installed on the side of a staircase and consists of a chair or platform that is attached to a motorized track. The chair or platform is typically controlled by a handheld remote or a set of buttons located on the armrest of the chair. The user can simply sit in the chair or stand on the platform, buckle themselves in, and activate the lift to travel up or down the stairs. Stair lifts can be installed in both indoor and outdoor environments and can be customized to fit the specific needs of the user and the staircase. They are often used by individuals who have difficulty navigating stairs due to age, disability, or injury. know more :-

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Marafek Lifts & Elevators is a leading supplier and installer of lifts and elevators in the GCC and MENA regions. Based in Dubai, UAE since 2004, we provide customizable vertical transportation and disabled accessibility solutions to suit any type of buildings and budgets ranging from basic installations to luxurious finishes.

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