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Books To Read to Be Happy

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Are you feeling down or gloomy? Feeling stressed about continuing your work? Then this blog is for you. In this fast-paced world, being happy may seem to be impossible, but you can be satisfied by reading a book. The power of a good book is it can be able to change our perspective on things and make us travel to a new world. Feeling to start a new literary journey? Yes!! United Arab Emirates and Dubai countries have a wide range of online bookstores. Here in this blog, we carefully handpicked some of the impactful books, that make you feel happy and create a positive feel in the mind. Let’s start our journey of reading! 1. The Book of Joy: By Dalai lama and Desmond TuTu: This is an excellent book, which shows the meaning of lasting happiness in life. These two monks share their journey of finding lasting happiness in life. They emphasize the challenges of living in this turbulent world, and the importance of developing qualities like gratitude, forgiveness, and tolerance. Their serene, conversations, make the reader take a solace path of happiness in life rather than choosing to brood over the difficulties. Want to buy a book online? Check out here 2. The Little Book of Hygge: Written by Meik Wiking: This book mainly focuses on the Danish way of living life happily, which includes, satisfaction, warmth, and joy in our lives. Throughout this book, the points out how to imbibe the Hyge in our lives using different tips and tricks, which puts us in an environment of joy and well-being of life. 3. The Happiness Project: By Gretchen Rubin: In this motivational book, Rubin takes the readers to the world of her quest to find happiness in her life. Through this book, she gave major important points to find happiness in life irrespective of the perks that you need to complete. She suggests tips and tricks on finding contentment in the middle of engaging works. Finding an authentic online bookstore in UAE? 4. Big Magic: By Elizabeth Gilbert: The main motto of this book is living creatively beyond fear. If you are seeking a creative way to lead your life and achieve your goals, then this book is apt for you. In this book, the author tries to share the importance of leading a life with curiosity and passion and strategies to achieve them. 5. Man’s Search for Meaning: By Viktor E. Frankl: This is a must-read book for people who are struggling in their lives. The author with his elaborate explanations about the environmental plots, takes us to World War II time. He shares his experiences when he was kept in prison by the Nazi Community. The author gives us tips on living happily while suffering also. Whether you visit the bookstore physically or order online at your comfort zone, UAE has numerous online bookstores that help readers pick out their books easily. Especially, booksbay online book store provides easy online shopping for books in UAE. I hope through this blog, you may get a brief insight into the books, that help us find a way to live a happy life. All these books show a remarkable experience in molding your life into a happy way by changing your perspective of handling and managing things. Remember many authors, may showcase many different ways to pursue happiness, but the impact of them on you will be appreciable and it acts as a starting point for finding happiness in your life.

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