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Eternal Mark is a pioneering Indian company in Hong Kong that specializes in contract manufacturing of a diverse range of products including finished pharmaceuticals, medical devices and hospital disposables. We offer a comprehensive selection of surgical equipment, medical devices and diagnostic products, such as disposable syringes, needles, gauze rolls, IV giving sets, catheters, HIV test kits, pregnancy test kits, and glucometers. Additionally, we provide the latest and most accurate range of medical devices, including Blood Pressure Monitors, Sphygmomanometers, Stethoscopes and Integrated Diagnostic Systems. We are dedicated to constantly improving and expanding our services to provide exceptional service to our customers. Address:Eternal Mark Pvt Singapore Ltd, 10 Anson Road, 10-11 International Plaza, Singapore Website: Inhaler 2 in 1 || calcium supplement Suppliers of medical equipments || gummy multivitamins for adults

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