Why SAP Career is in demand how you can be SAP Consultant?

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Why SAP Career is in demand how you can be SAP Consultant?

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What is SAP SAP stands for Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing. SAP software can manage several parts of a business, with finances, operations, facilities, and human resources. SAP Software is a European multinational, founded in 1972. They improve software solutions for managing business operations and customer relationships. Types of Sap Modules Primarily, two SAP modules comprise a number of sub-modules. There are two module 1)Functional Module 2) Technical Module 1)Functional Module · SAP financial accounting & controlling (FICO) · SAP Sales and Distribution (SD) · SAP Production and Planning · SAP Human Resources and Management( HRM) · SAP Material Management (MM) 2) Technical Module · SAP advance business application( ABP) High-performance analytic appliance (SAP HANA

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