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Our Exotic Aroma Journey Fine Aromatics, is a New Zealand based essential oils, extracts, and fragrances distribution company. We embarked on this exotic aroma journey with the ultimate motive of providing our customers with the best nature has to offer. We supply essential oils, spice oleoresins, fragrance oils, extracts, and wellbeing products to wholesale and retail clients in New Zealand and Australia with service and support delivered from Christchurch, New Zealand Its always a team spirit Fine Aromatics is a joint venture between Kiwis and TMV Aromatics, a 60-year-old business which runs a world-class production house of natural oils and ingredients. In addition to the in-house products made in TMV factory in Kerala, India, Fine Aromatics is the sole distributor of Matières Premières Essentielles, a world leading essential oil and absolutes manufacturer located in Grasse, France.

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