Solitude Or Sorrow: What Astronauts Say About Space

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Solitude Or Sorrow: What Astronauts Say About Space

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People desire certainty. But when it comes to space, its mystery makes it the most fascinating. When people look up at the night skies, they see nothing but the moon and stars—on certain occasions, they may even see neither. Yet, regardless of this bleakness and emptiness, they continue staring at it in awe. Space holds an infinite potential beyond the unknown and mystery, and people are left to fill in this void, holding room for their creativity and imagination. Past its blankness, space is a wonder to behold and a puzzle to uncover. It’s one thing for people to stare at, but it’s another to ponder and constantly attempt to unravel its glory. Space is a tease. It gives people the presumption that they understand it. Yet, in a loser look, it puts their minds at a consistent whirl, and this is what makes it extraordinarily fascinating...

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