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Bird Farm Aviary

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We have available at the moment African Grey parrots, Macaws species, Eclectus, Toucan, Cockatoos and Amazon parrots amongst other tamed birds in the aviary. All parrots are hand raised, well tamed and very friendly and talking parrots you will love in your household. We export parrots and parrot eggs to all of the Middle East, Europe, America and Asia. We have fertile parrots for sale available and comes in incubator. All our parrots are super birds and in good health, vet checked, and ready for new homes. They are properly trained and will make great home companions and all well trained. Contact us for all your parrots, lovely birds and fertile parrot eggs. Please visit here for more information. Phone: +1 770-783-4609 Email: #African Grey Parrots #Macaws and Fertile Parrot Eggs

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