How to use your Buck Branch

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How to use your Buck Branch

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Thank you for purchasing the Buck Branch. If you have tried mock scrapes before or never even tried to make a mock scrape, don’t worry, the Buck Branch makes it easy. First, pick out your hunting area. If you haven’t already, remember to put your tree stand or blind where you want according to the intercept Ole Mossy Horns. Whether it’s on an edge of a bedding area, a creek crossing, a ridge top, a shelf, an acorn flat, a field’s edge or in the center of a food plot. Once you have your location chosen, determine the dominate wind in the area. Decide what wind you plan on hunting this set up and consider whether it is early or late season. You can use the Buck Branch on any of the above scenarios. The main thing you want to set up for is a quartering wind. Example: If you face North and your dominate wind is Southwest in early season but becomes Northwest during the rut you will be fine. Just do not hunt during the early season. The best wind is quartering. If you face North, then a Northwest or Northeast wind is your best wind. Not always but more than not a buck will work his way to the Buck Branch from downwind, Once you get your location and wind all worked out, then pick out the perfect tree to attach the Buck Branch to. Remember to place the Buck Branch according to you getting the perfect bow shot (Broadside or quartering away). Once you determine the location, then attach the Buck Branch to the tree with the bracket at approximately 48” to 54” inches from tip to the ground and at a slight angle upward (approx 95* to 100* degree angle from ground to the tree). Please refer to the photos and video provided in our Blog. Use a second bracket for additional stability as Bucks get quite feisty during the rut! Remember to use nitrile gloves when installing the Buck Branch so that you leave no human scent behind. No tree where you need to set up your perfect mock scrape? Don’t worry, we also offer the Stake Out to solve this problem. Simply step on the ground stake to implant the Stake Out into the ground, then attach the Buck Branch. Now that your Buck Branch has been installed on your tree or on the Stake Out, just scent it up using Raw Frozen Scent scrape lure, Multi buck or 30 D Estrus deer scent or your favorite scents.

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Most of us have tried doctoring tree branches for mock scrapes with little success. I’m here to tell you there is a better way to make successful mock scrapes. Deer use real tree branches every year in nature. When you find one and put a camera or blind near it, it seldom gets used. When setting a hunting setup by one very seldom is it at the right distance or angle to present a good bow shot. There is a better and more efficient way. The Buck Branch is a decoy branch using real life-like leaves, branch and special interactive vine ropes that hold scent for a month or more during dry or wet conditions. You just install the branch to an existing tree or use the Buck Branch Stake Out if no tree is available. Hang at the recommended distance off the ground and at the correct angle that presents either a broadside or quartering away shot. Once installed, make a mock scrape beneath then scent up the branch and scrape with your favorite scents. Of course, use scent only if legal in your hunting area. My preference is Raw Frozen Scents. It is collected fresh and frozen immediately giving you the freshest deer scent on the market. Pour or spray some on the Buck Branch, dip the interactive vine ropes in it and put a little in your mock scrape. Then, start your hunt and enjoy the results!

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