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Booking Management System

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Trawex technologies is a leading online travel portal development company globally. We provide Booking Management System to travel agencies, tour operators and travel companies across the world. Trawex Technologies will develop a comprehensive travel portal for your business with all of our latest technology. We will personally ensure that your travel website stands out from the rest. We provide complete B2C/B2B Booking Engines for flights, hotels, cars, sightseeing, and transfers. We offer seamless integration with multiple suppliers with live feeds via a single XML interface. Trawex provides tour operator software for Tour Operators and travel agencies who are looking to ease booking of tours and destination packages. We provide travel portal development that empowers companies to deliver a fully loaded online travel booking website that goes well beyond customer expectations. With the most recent advancing innovation, we have built up our Hotel Booking System that exploits and our mastery in the travel business make us remain in front of our competitors.

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